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A blue-collar father tries to rescue his pregnant, heroin-addicted girlfriend from the dangerous streets of Camden, NJ. Once their son is born, a new journey begins for the fate of the baby and the family’s sobriety that may split them apart forever.


Camden, NJ is not alone as a post-industrial community mired in America’s opioid epidemic. Communities like these are vulnerable to substance abuse, and particularly prone to the abuse of opiates and heroin.


Princeton Economist Angus Deaton aptly calls overdose deaths in these communities as “Deaths of Despair”, indicating systemic joblessness, lack of opportunity, and exploitative targeting from the pharmaceutical industry to these pockets of the nation.


This film is not based in politics or policy. It is interested only in the human experience. And it is for this reason we are teaming up with community-based educational and domestic programs to support families and parents raising a new generation of children directly affected by the opioid crisis.  


To give dignified voice to people living with addiction in post-industrial communities.


To support advocacy for the 1-in-8 children across America born to homes with substance abuse.


To invite viewers to respond on a human level and encourage them to be agents of change for the disease of addiction regardless of socio-economic background.

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