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Daryl Gant is a Camden native, father of eight, and printing press operator. He was raised by a single mother and strives to be a better father than his own, who abandoned him at childhood.


His girlfriend, Nani, is the love of his life, but struggles to cope with a crippling crack and heroin addiction, and the nefarious lifestyle needed to support it. More troubling, is that Nani is pregnant with their new baby boy Darnez. It becomes Daryl’s newfound purpose to forge a better future for the both of them.



Nani is also a Camden native, whose mother died with a needle in her arm. Now she struggles with the responsibilities of motherhood in the face of her own addiction. 

Darnez was born healthy, but needs particular care growing up in an environment rife with safety and well-being concerns.


Iman was once a drug dealing kingpin in Camden in the 1990’s. He was also a father and a mechanical engineer, until he caught a dealer’s habit selling dope. 


His own quest to sobriety will eventually force the hand of Nani to make a change, as they forge parallel paths to recovery, with different outcomes.

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